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Islamic Finance University Talk – Exploring New Horizons

Islamic Finance is an exciting and fast paced growth industry which is expanding in all corners of the globe.  It offers an ethical and values based alternative to conventional finance which is seen increasingly as being exploitative and volatile.  This is a talk aimed at guiding university students to understand the complex dynamics of Islamic Finance. Overall, this talk will help you

  • Understand the conceptual differences between Islamic and conventional finance.
  • Know the key constraints and limitations of Islamic Finance.
  • Appreciate the industry background and the growth phenomena of Islamic Finance.
  • How to prepare for a career in Islamic Finance.
  • Discover the Islamic Financial Success Matrix.

This unique opportunity will help students to harness the vision and values of Islamic Finance to improve themselves and contribute towards a better society.  The aim is inform, educate and stimulate further interest and study in the field of Islamic Finance.

Patrick Mahdi O'Neill

Speaker: Patrick Mahdi O’Neill is Head of Islamic Wealth at Holborn Assets (UAE) and is a regular speaker and writer on Islamic Finance. He has designed and delivered bespoke and certified Islamic Finance Training courses with a particular focus on career advancement and progression. He is the Founder of the Islamic Financial Education Initiative – IFEi, which aims at promoting the global Islamic economy and increase financial awareness to promote a just and equitable financial system for all.