ZAKAT Workshop

Zakat Education Workshop 
From the Spiritual to the Practical
Date:        Monday 22nd Ramadan (27th June)          Time:      Start 4 pm
Location: Holborn Assets Ltd, 15th Floor, Al-Shafar Tower 1, Tecom, Dubai
Zakat Education Workshop

May Allah make the poor and needy beloved to us, soften our hearts towards them, and bless us with the knowledge and faith to “return” to them their rightful due, which He has safeguarded with us. 


  1. To help Muslims better Understand the Concepts and Principles of Zakat.
  2. To Assist in Properly Calculating their Zakat.
  3. To Promote Aiding the Poor their Rightful Share of the Wealth of the Rich.

Enrich your Knowledge of Zakat to Successfully Fulfil this Pillar of Islam.

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Speaker: Patrick MPatrick Mahdi O'Neillahdi O’Neill is Head of Islamic Wealth at Holborn Assets and is an expert on financial planning. He has designed and delivered Islamic Finance Training courses with a particular emphasis on promoting public welfare and achieving the objectives of sharia. He is the Founder of the Islamic Financial Education Initiative – IFEi, which aims at promoting a just and equitable financial system for all. This initiative includes regular lectures and published articles.