Sukuk Course


Introducation to Sukuk

Course Outline:
  • Industry Overview & Growth of Sukuk
  • Background & Ethical Basis 
  • Sources of Shariah
  • Key Principles, Prohibitions & Rules


  • General principles governing contracts in Islamic law
  • Understand the components of valid contracts 
  • Classification of, and conditions applied to contracts
  • Key Islamic Finance Contracts used to structure Sukuk
    1. Murabaha 
    2. Ijara
    3. Musharaka
    4. Wakala
    5. Istisn’a
    6. Salam


  • Definition, Management and Characteristics of Sukuk
  • Benefits and Objectives of Sukuk
  • Shariah Guidelines
  • Difference Between Sukuk and Conventional Bonds
  • Structuring Sukuk Transactions
  • The Different Types of Sukuk
  • The Main Types of Sukuk
  • Sukuk Rule Changes 2008
  • Capital Market Considerations Relating to Sukuk
  • Risk Characteristics
  • Role in a Portfolio

Case studies and practice questions are used to reinforce learning and test acquisition of knowledge.

Course Objective:

Sukuk is a fast growing sector within the Islamic Finance industry with new and exciting opportunities emerging in many parts of the globe. This presents exciting career prospects for experienced professionals and increasing business opportunities for Islamic Financial Institutions and Advisory Firms.

This 1 day intensive course is designed to develop your knowledge, understanding and application of sukuk. You will learn about the key sukuk contracts and how to apply them as well as the concepts and principles which underpin them. You will understand and appreciate the important role of sukuk in Islamic asset management.

Course Director:

Patrick Mahdi O’Neill is an experienced Islamic Finance speaker, trainer and seasoned practitioner in the field. He played a key role in establishing Simply Ethical Ltd as a leader in the UK of Islamic wealth management solutions. In the UAE, he has successfully, pioneered the opening of an Islamic window at Holborn Assets specialising in holistic financial planning.

As an Islamic Finance educator and trainer, Patrick Mahdi is a professional with an enthusiasm to motivate and empower individuals and organizations to achieve financial success and conduct their financial affairs in a profitable, just and equitable manner. His training subjects emphasize on the principles, benefits and ethics of an Islamic financial system.

Patrick Mahdi is the Founder of the Islamic Financial Education Initiative – IFEi, which aims at making Islamic financial knowledge more accessible to all. His articles include ”What’s Wrong with the Current Financial System” and “Principles of an Islamic Financial System” have been published by ISFIRE – the Islamic Finance Review magazine and Business Islamica. Patrick Mahdi holds the CII Advanced Financial Planning Qualification, CISI Islamic Finance Qualification and CISI Fundamentals of Islamic Banking & Finance.